Single Article

  • Article 14.01: Submittal of Listing

    Section 1: Submittal of Listing. By submitting any property listing to MLS, the Participant represents that:

    By the act of submitting any property listing content to the MLS, the Participant represents that:

    1. They have been been authorized to license and also thereby does license authority for the MLS to include the property listing content in its copyrighted MLS compilation and also in any statistical report on “comparables”. (Updated 8/2018)
    2. They have the authorization to grant and do grant the MLS the authority to include the property listing (data) in approved VOW and IDX displays for advertising on other Participant’s IDX and/or VOW compliant websites. (Revised 6/11)

    Unless the property owner(s) has/have instructed the Participant otherwise.  See Article 5.11.

    Note: Listing content includes, but is not limited to, photographs, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other details or information related to the listed property.

  • Article 14.02: Copyright

    Section 2. Copyright

    All right, title, and interest in each copy of every compilation created and copyrighted by the member Association or Stellar MLS and in the copyrights therein, shall at all times remain vested in the member Association or Stellar MLS.

  • Article 14.03. MLS Compilation

    Section 3. MLS Compilation

    Each participant shall be entitled to lease from the Stellar Multiple Listing Services a number of electronic and/or printed copies of each MLS compilation sufficient to provide the participant and each person affiliated as a licensee (including licensed or certified appraisers) with such participant with one copy of such compilation. The participant shall pay for each such copy the rental fee set by the Stellar Multiple Listing Services.

    Participants shall acquire by such lease only the right to use the MLS compilation in accordance with these rules.

  • Article 14.04: Deletion/Removal of MLS Data

    Section 4: Deletion/Removal of MLS Data

    Once a listing is active, all subsequent listing history is to remain intact and cannot be removed at the request of any third-party, home owner or Participant/Subscriber.  In addition, at least one photo must remain once a listing closes as outlined in Article 4.5. (Adopted 5/2014)